We Transformed Flatworld’s DevOps Vetting Process

We Transformed Flatworld’s DevOps Vetting Process

Our technical assessments improved Flatworld’s process of vetting candidates and enabled them to expand their DevOps recruiting services.

About the Client:

Flatworld is a Global Recruitment Platform that harnesses the power of predictive hiring algorithms to deliver fully vetted, high-fit remote candidates. For over two years, Flatworld has utilized Brokee’s live, interactive technical assessments to improve their vetting process for DevOps roles. 

The Problem:

Flatworld, driven by its ambitious goal to deliver the top 1% of developers to clients, continuously seeks ways to enhance its hiring processes

Flatworld depended on two testing platforms that utilized rudimentary multiple-choice questions and basic programming tests. These methods proved insufficient in effectively assessing the day-to-day proficiency of DevOps engineers. 

Consequently, Flatworld had to invest additional time in live interviews following these assessments. However, even with this extra step, determining the suitability of candidates remained challenging.

Recognizing the limitations of their existing tests, Brokee's Founder engaged with Flatworld, presenting a tailored solution to elevate the quality of their candidates. 

Given Flatworld's commitment to delivering high-caliber candidates to its clients, they swiftly embraced the idea of incorporating a more robust evaluation of DevOps engineers' day-to-day proficiency.


Initially, Brokee's comprehensive and high-quality DevOps assessments were offered to Flatworld on a trial basis. 

Impressed by the relevance and accuracy of the tests, Flatworld asked Brokee to implement measures limiting access for potential candidates. This strategic move aimed to eliminate the prospect of candidates accessing the tests prematurely, mitigating the risk of cheating. 

This milestone marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership, as Flatworld seamlessly transitioned to Brokee's advanced platform, ensuring a more precise evaluation of candidates' capabilities.

Brokee’s quick and effective assessments enabled Flatworld to to take on more clients that were hiring for DevOps roles.

The Benefits

Over the last two years, Flatworld leveraged Brokee’s technical assessments to enhance its vetting process. 

Some of the greatest advantages they’ve experienced with Brokee include:

  • Improved Quality of Candidates: Brokee's assessments enabled Flatworld to identify and present high-caliber candidates to clients, reinforcing their claim of providing unmatched vetting.
  • Time Savings: Brokee's efficient testing process saved Flatworld over two months of time in technical interviews, contributing to a streamlined recruitment pipeline.
  • Risk Reduction: The enhanced testing process boosted Flatworld's reputation among clients, as the risk of sending an unqualified candidate was reduced by nearly 90%.
  • Customization and Support: Flatworld's close collaboration with Brokee provided access to tailored features, quick problem resolution, and a responsive support system, fostering a positive working relationship.
  • Integration and API Development: Responding to Flatworld's request, Brokee developed an API, which will help facilitate seamless integration with their systems and further optimize the testing process.
  • Opportunities to Work with New Clients: Brokee’s assessments gave Flatworld the confidence to pursue collaborations with clients that have DevOps roles to fill.


Our collaboration substantially improved the efficiency and effectiveness of Flatworld's DevOps vetting process. With Brokee's DevOps assessments, Flatworld experienced significant time savings, reduced hiring risks, and improved candidate quality. 

If you're in search of highly-vetted developers and DevOps engineers, we confidently recommend Flatworld. Our ongoing partnership reflects a commitment to innovation, customization, and continued success in the ever-evolving landscape of technical recruitment.

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