Introducing Pricing Plans and Free Trial for DevOps Tests

Introducing Pricing Plans and Free Trial for DevOps Tests

We're starting 2024 off with a bang! We are happy to announce our biggest product update yet: the release of payment plans with a free trial.

To make this a reality, we:

  • Developed payment plans and integrated our platform with Stripe
  • Opened sign-ups to the public
  • Developed free tests specifically for the free trial
  • Added team management
  • Implemented a permissions system for various platform features based on payment plans

Let's start with the most exciting part - Free Tests!

Free Trial for (Easy) DevOps Tests

To showcase our platform without asking potential customers for credit card details, we designed several easy tests that can be taken free of charge.

Simply sign up on Brokee with a company name, and get quick access to a feature-limited free trial that allows new users to conduct 5 easy tests and manage 1 user, giving you a preview of our platform’s capabilities.

A Selection of our Free DevOps Tests

Once you get comfortable with the process, simply upgrade to any paid plan to send tests to more users and have access to more advanced tests.

What do we mean by advanced DevOps tests? We have environments where candidates can work with live systems deployed to major cloud providers and showcase their skills in real-time. We've found that live DevOps tests help avoid hiring risks more than relying on professional certifications or resumes.

Pricing Plans for DevOps Tests

Our payment plans are crafted with the understanding that every hiring team has its own set of unique needs. Whether you're a startup looking for flexibility or a large enterprise seeking comprehensive solutions, our plans are designed to suit a wide range of requirements.

Flexible System: Credits Rollover Each Month

At the core of our payment system is the credit model. Users can choose between buying a certain amount of credits upfront or opting for a monthly subscription that comes with 2 credits each month.

Test credits indicate how many hiring candidates can take skills assessments. Every time a candidate starts a test, 1 credit is deducted from the company's balance.

Our Growth Plan has one amazing feature: credits accumulate month-to-month if not used. So, no need to stress about paying for a product and not using it. The hiring process can be sporadic, so you can use rollover credits from less active months to hire confidently, without seeing a spike in your billing.

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This system offers unparalleled flexibility – if you're on a Growth Plan and go over your credit limit, candidates can still continue taking skills assessments - you will be charged for the extra usage at the end of the month based on a tiered pricing model (the more tests that are used in a month, the cheaper they get).

Similarly, if you’re on an On-Demand Plan and run out of credits, you may simply buy more as needed.

grey and black metal tool
Send as many invites as you'd like to candidates. You'll only get charged if they take the test.

Unlimited Candidate Test Invites

We wanted to mirror the natural hiring process when designing our payment plans. We've seen that when you're hiring engineers for a specific role, you often invite many candidates for a technical interview, but only some of them will show up.

With this idea in mind, Brokee allows you to invite an unlimited number of candidates to take a skills assessment, even though not all of them will actually take a test. This way, we charge customers based on the skills assessments that were started by candidates, not based on the number of invitations you send.

Add Multiple Admins for Team Management

When you're a small startup, one admin user might be enough for a testing platform. However, for tech recruiting firms or large hiring teams, you'll want to be able to provide access to multiple teammates. This is why we added basic team management to our paid plans to support bigger teams.

Right now, the only role is an admin user, but in the future, we'll add more roles with different levels of access.

Team Management Dashboard

Ready to Try Our Free DevOps Testing?

We developed Brokee's payment plans with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by tech hiring teams. We invite you to sign up for our free trial and experience firsthand how our platform can revolutionize your tech hiring process.