Case Study: DevOps Assessments Streamlined EclecticIQ's Hiring Process

Case Study: DevOps Assessments Streamlined EclecticIQ's Hiring Process

About the Client

EclecticIQ is a global provider of threat intelligence, hunting, and response technology and services, headquartered in Amsterdam. Founded in 2014, EclecticIQ is a top European cybersecurity vendor operating worldwide with offices and teams across Europe, North America, India, and via value-add partners.

Client History

Brokee’s CEO, Maksym Lushpenko, had worked previously at EclecticIQ as a Senior Cloud Engineer. During his tenure at EclecticIQ, the cloud operations team faced a major challenge: evaluating the skills of DevOps and Cloud system engineers without wasting the time of their Engineering Team.

In 2021, EclecticIQ was the first company to adopt Brokee’s innovative DevOps assessments to evaluate their system engineer candidates. Since then, Brokee’s platform played a key role in the way EclecticIQ hires cloud engineers and technical support engineers, optimizing their hiring process.

The Problem

Just like many other IT companies, EclecticIQ's DevOps teams were overloaded with work. They faced a conundrum: The team needed to hire more engineers to share the workload, but qualifying and hiring new engineers took a huge chunk of time from the team members' already limited time.

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For EclecticIQ, hiring one DevOps engineer takes more than 45 hours of a senior DevOps engineer's valuable time. This includes the time spent on individual DevOps testing for every candidate and subsequent group discussions with those who pass the initial technical screening call. This could cost a Dutch company – like EclecticIQ – up to $2500¹ in employee hours to fill one role.

Plus, due to the critical role DevOps engineers play, scheduling interviews around their schedules can be a formidable task for companies, given the demanding nature of their work.

The Solution: DevOps Assessment Software

Brokee provided EclecticIQ with an efficient way to screen DevOps candidates, making their hiring process fast and simple.

DevOps Assessments for Better and Faster Hiring

Brokee provides a platform for evaluating candidates on needed DevOps engineer skills. Compared to other DevOps Engineer Assessments, each of Brokee's test truly reflects the day-to-day tasks that engineers regularly work on, by using broken environments that they have to fix. Passing one of Brokee's evaluations proves that the candidate has the needed DevOps skills for the job.

Brokee's DevOps testing platform was an ideal solution because it freed up the DevOps team's time, allowing them to work on critical projects, while helping to hire engineers who could jump right in to help ease the team's workload.

EclecticIQ DevOps Team employed Brokee's Kubernetes with Nginx ingress Assessment to evaluate potential DevOps candidates, expediting the process of hiring essential team members.

The Word is Spreading: Skill Tests Result in Better Hires

EclecticIQ's Technical Support Team heard great things about Brokee from their DevOps team, so they also expressed interest in adopting this efficient approach for their hiring process.

We developed a Linux Assessment based on the DevOps assessment questions that the Technical Support Team normally asks during technical interviews. The Linux Assessment has already yielded success by helping the Technical Support Team qualify and hire several talented support engineers.

The Benefits

Through Brokee, EclecticIQ has already hired several high-performing Cloud and Technical Support Engineers.

These engineers managed to complete Brokee’s tests and immediately showed themselves to be proactive and skilled workers on their teams, which reduced the amount of time the new hires and the teams spent on technical onboarding.

New hires were able to take on projects independently and help their colleagues with difficult tasks from day one, thanks to Brokee's highly applicable live environment.

When a candidate completes Brokee's test – which takes about one hour – the results are sent to HR and the relevant hiring team, saving all parties the whole first week of interactions.

EclecticIQ gained multiple benefits from using Brokee

By using Brokee’s DevOps Test, EclecticIQ benefitted from:

  • Standardized, consistent, and bias-free approach to technical assessments
  • Comprehensive candidate reports are automatically sent to Slack and Email
  • Hiring risk reduced by 47%
  • 2x reduction in tech interviews
  • Saved HR and Tech Hiring Teams the first week of interactions with candidates
  • $2500 worth of Senior DevOps hours saved per role (45 hours)
  • Candidates who pass the test should be able to adequately perform DevOps work from day one
  • Shorter technical onboarding time
  • A simple, clean, and easy-to-use evaluation platform
  • Less frustrated DevOps teams
  • Tests for Kubernetes, Amazon DevOps, Linux, GPC, Inginx, and more

Conclusion: DevOps Assessments Boost EclecticIQ's Hiring Process

We have greatly enjoyed growing side-by-side with EclecticIQ, and are excited to continue working with them in the future.

Brenda Szongoth, the Talent Management Partner at EclecticIQ, said she was very satisfied using Brokee due to its "usability, great customer support, and relevant selection tool".

Brokee's platform has good usability, great customer support, and relevant selection tool.

We've been told by the teams at EclecticIQ that the performance and quality of the candidates EclecticIQ hired through Brokee have been “excellent”.

If you are interested in a faster and better way to hire DevOps, Cloud, or System engineers, Brokee will help you improve your process. Please contact us to get started saving time, money, and peace of mind when hiring.