Product Updates

We've Upgraded Our Recruitment Technology to Give You More Control + API Documentation and More

Our new solution makes hiring more efficient, simplifying the way you invite candidates to DevOps assessments

Introducing Pricing Plans and Free Trial for DevOps Tests

We've released pricing plans with a flexible and transparent credit system for tech hiring teams of all sizes. Plus, free tri

Now Providing DevOps Tests for all Major Cloud Providers

Brokee has achieved one important milestone - providing skills assessments for all major Cloud providers by adding skills assessments for Azure.

We've Added New Tests: Kubernetes and GPC Tests

We want to offer skills assessments for all the major Cloud providers. Lately, we've been working hard to do just th

We Offer an AI-Powered Technical Recruiting Tool added two major features in September: Recording of user activity and AI-generated summaries of candidate performance.

We’re Offering Free Service to Ukrainian Companies!

We will provide free Brokee testing services on a first-come, first-served basis to Ukrainian companies, schools, and more. The number of places is limited - find out if you qualify!