Prepare DevOps Students for the Real World with Brokee

Prepare DevOps Students for the Real World with Brokee

In the rapidly evolving field of DevOps, the gap between educational theory and practical, real-world experience is a significant hurdle for both educators and students. Today's educational programs are under increasing pressure to ensure that students are job-ready upon course completion. 

The success of a course is often measured by the ability of students to secure employment, which increasingly depends on their hands-on experience with the tools and practices they will encounter in their careers, not just certifications or classroom hours.

Enter Brokee, a comprehensive training and testing platform designed to bridge this gap. Brokee offers real-world experience across the spectrum of DevOps practices, from basic to advanced levels, covering all major cloud providers. It's not just a training tool; it ensures students are prepared for the real challenges of technical interviews and a DevOps career. 

Common Pain Points in DevOps Education

We've talked to educational leaders and learned there are many challenges when it comes to teaching DevOps and Cloud to students. These are some of the biggest pain points we've discovered and have addressed with Brokee:

  1. Unprepared Students for the Real World

Many educational programs struggle to provide students with the practical experience necessary for today's tech jobs. Traditional learning models often fall short in preparing students for the complexities and rapid changes in the DevOps sector.

  1. Lack of Practice Environments

Without a platform like Brokee, educators are faced with the daunting task of creating relevant, current, and unbiased projects. The logistical challenges of setting up diverse cloud environments and ensuring all projects are up-to-date add to this burden.

3. Providing Accurate Feedback 

Traditional methods of assessment and feedback often don't meet the needs of DevOps education, where detailed, specific guidance is crucial. Students want to learn how to improve, and instructors can be challenged to present feedback in a constructive and clear way.

  1. Ensuring Integrity

Ensuring the academic integrity of remote and hands-on tests presents its own set of challenges. Anti-cheating measures are especially tough for remote educators who teach in virtual classrooms, where it's tough to keep an eye on students.

  1. Scalability Challenges

Scaling educational content to fit class sizes while maintaining consistency across different learning environments is a significant challenge, exacerbated by the rise of remote learning.

Benefits of Brokee for DevOps Education

We've created a platform full of features that help educators ensure students are ready for their careers in DevOps. These are some of the biggest advantages we hear from educators who use Brokee:

Real-World Environment Access

At the heart of Brokee's value proposition is our ability to provide unparalleled access to real-world DevOps environments. This feature enables students to immerse themselves in hands-on experience with the technologies and practices they'll likely encounter in their careers.

By navigating actual cloud platforms, managing containers, and troubleshooting real-time issues, learners gain a depth of understanding and confidence that classroom learning alone cannot provide.

Curriculum Integration

Brokee's design facilitates seamless integration into existing curriculums, enriching traditional educational content with interactive, live testing labs. We've made it so Brokee enhances the learning experience and ensures that students are engaging with material that reflects the latest industry standards and practices.

Educators can incorporate Brokee's labs into their lesson plans, making the leap from theory to practice both smooth and natural.

Scalability and Ease of Use

Understanding the diverse needs of educational programs, Brokee addresses challenges related to scalability and accessibility head-on. Our platform is built to ensure that every student, regardless of the class size or their individual learning environment, has equal access to its resources.

We pride ourselves on an extremely user-friendly interface, making it easy for both students and educators to navigate its comprehensive suite of tools.

Continuous Update Cycle

DevOps is a field characterized by rapid evolution, and Brokee’s commitment to a continuous update cycle ensures that its labs will always reflect the current landscape of the industry. Since Brokee is built by DevOps experts and engineers with deep field experience, our platform keeps educational programs relevant and prepares students for the quickly evolving realities of a career in technology.

Automated Feedback and AI Summaries

Brokee's automated feedback mechanisms provide immediate, actionable insights into student performance, using AI to generate summaries that explain what students did correctly and where they need improvement. This feature is invaluable for educators who seek to provide personalized guidance to each student, ensuring that learning is both effective and targeted.

Anti-Cheating Measures

Addressing concerns about academic integrity, Brokee incorporates advanced anti-cheating measures that reflect the realities of modern DevOps work. By promoting the use of legitimate resources and tools within its testing framework, Brokee prepares students for the collaborative, resourceful nature of tech careers.

Additionally, the platform's ability to randomize test problems ensures a fair, challenging learning experience for all users.

Brokee: Use Cases in Education

Enhanced Learning With Live Labs

Educators often spend countless hours creating, managing, and scoring take-home work and labs, but with Brokee, they can instantly deploy real-world, pre-configured scenarios. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures that students are exposed to a variety of unique, randomized problems that mimic actual DevOps challenges. 

The result is a more efficient, engaging, and effective educational process where students gain practical skills ready for the workforce, and educators can focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks.

Ideal for Remote Learning

Brokee is a perfect tool for both testing and labs in remote learning settings. Educators can see how students are applying lessons in live environments, using playback features, history of commands, and final results.

The platform is also perfect for virtual labs, where instructors can lead students through each part of common DevOps scenarios: troubleshooting cloud infrastructure, operating and automating multiple servers in complex environments, managing containers, and more.

Collaborative Problem-Solving Sessions

Brokee allows educators to create live environments for group learning. Imagine a classroom where, instead of hypothetical scenarios, students are grouped into teams to navigate real-time challenges presented by Brokee. The teacher acts not just as an instructor, but as a guide, steering students through complex problem-solving processes.

This practical application fosters a deeper understanding of DevOps principles and enhances teamwork skills, preparing students for the collaborative nature of the tech industry.

Large-Scale Exams

Traditional exams often fail to fully assess a student’s ability to handle real-world tech problems. Brokee changes the game by supporting mass examinations where hundreds of students can undertake tests simultaneously, each facing unique, randomized problems that mimic actual DevOps challenges. 

This not only levels the playing field by providing every student with a distinct set of tasks but also enables institutions to efficiently gauge the practical skills of a large cohort, ensuring that their graduates are truly ready for the workforce.

Try a Free Demo!

We invite educators and industry professionals alike to experience Brokee firsthand. Discover how our platform can revolutionize your approach to DevOps training, from basic operations in Linux servers to managing complex cloud environments. With Brokee, you get not just a tool, but a partner in education and training. 

Our flexible pricing, test-credits system, and inclusive access for team evaluations ensure that our platform adapts to your specific needs. Don’t take our word for it; contact us for a free demo and see for yourself how we can tailor our offerings to best support your goals.

Prepare the Next Generation of DevOps Students for Success

The importance of hands-on, practical experience cannot be overstated. Help equip your students with the practical experience they need to get hired in a DevOps role they enjoy.

Brokee stands ready to prepare the next generation of DevOps professionals for the challenges ahead, ensuring they are not just educated, but truly job-ready. Explore Brokee and take the first step towards transforming your approach to DevOps education and training.